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22.10.2008Latest version
v2 r6.5.4.13

2 438 063 byte
  1. Fixed bug for COM8 and higher now finally tested with USB adapter
  2. Fixed frozen program after decocomputer download on newer machines

NOTE: Users which do not want to download a install DiveDataCZ again should refer to section "Tech. Assistance" - "Files" where is prepared patch file to version 2 r6.5.4.13

MD5: 3671ff3d896d55c5f0979481564e0fa3
2.12.2006v2 r6.5.4.12

2 440 303 byte
  1. Support for COM1 - COM50 for USB adapters which uses port higher than COM1 - COM4
  2. Fixed consumption error when downloading from "Air" type decocomputers

NOTE: Users which do not want to download a install DiveDataCZ again should refer to section "Tech. Assistance" - "Files" where is prepared patch file to version 2 r6.5.4.12

MD5: 3f8c5ef287b6115aa628dde7a7f6d9c3
30.9.2003v2 r6.5.4.11

5 188 017 byte
  1. LGB file version 4
  2. Updated help file
  3. Added planning for single dives
  4. Added toolbar
  5. Added file highlighting on Files tab
  6. Added autoview for first file after dive selection
  7. Added small slideshow directly on Files tab
  8. Added automatic language detection when program starts
  9. Fixed xx hour 60 min to xx+1 hour 00 min
  10. Fixed space for default tank size value
  11. Added option to select decompression computer
  12. Fixed wrong computation air consumption when Air serie decocomputer download

MD5: 3a0d9dfa1bc53f9e9a890a0b8b7c3fff
26.5.2002v1 r5.5.4.9
  1. Added error highlighting in dive list
  2. Tab Graph and Files has been redesigned
  3. Added option to attach files to dive profile
  4. Added autoview for files BMP, JPG, RTF, TXT
  5. Added slideshow for BMP and JPG files
  6. Added own e-mail client for reports
  7. Added 2 lines ad to dive report
  8. Added english mutation
  9. Download from decompression computer as DLL file
  10. Version 1
  11. Added link and e-mail on Author tab
  12. Optimalization for speed
  1. Added location view in dive list
  2. Removed automatic save when opening new logbook
  3. Added read only state when problems with opening or reading logbook
  4. Added movebars when using lower resolution or nonstandard font
  5. Added option to select font for printing
  6. Updated help file
  7. Added start window
  1. Added dive profile legend
  2. Added help index under dive list
  3. Added option to compress logbook
  4. Added dive e-mail report
  5. LGB file format 3
  6. Added tab for dive planning
  7. Added option to ON/OFF question to end program
  8. Fixed viewing version number
  9. Added option to reverse commnets in dive profile
  10. Added link to comment in dive profile
  11. Fixed decompression level in case the bottom time is set
  12. Added toolbars for defaults items
  13. Added informatgion how to move window in lower screen resolution
  14. Added state save for dive list
  15. Removed redundant help index
  16. Fixed import of LOG file
  • see version
  1. Fixed dive profile viewing
  2. Added RAW memory save for decocomputer's memory
  1. Fixed download from some Aladin's decocomputers
  2. Fixed decompression search for more than 57 meters
  3. Added logbook compression
  4. Added logbook archive
  5. Added LGB icon for OS
  6. Prepared for planning
  1. Fix import LOG file
  2. Fix export of tank size
  3. Added autosave
  4. Added end question when terminating program
  5. Fix JPG searching
  6. Added import from Aladin LOG file
  7. Fix decompression tables
  • Multiple instance in memory but only first have write right
  • Fix dive profile comment and just one instance in memory
  • First public release.
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